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TechTuesday's are workshops and blog posts highlighting how AC faculty that are currently using technology in their classrooms. Check out the AC Tech Tuesday Blog for more details.

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Tech. Tuesday # 2

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On January 10th, 2012, we were fortunate to have two great faculty presenters from our own Allendale Columbia School, Spanish teacher, Lindsey Brown and Physical Education teacher, Ray Istas. Both teachers stepped outside of their comfort zone to try some very different things using technology.

Lindsey Brown - She talked about using her web-site (designed in the style of a blog) to create a community across the three levels of Spanish she teaches.  She became interested in the way creating the “blog” entries has shaped her pedagogy. She has been able to capture and reflect on spontaneous teachable moments due to the forum of reporting.  In addition, she designed projects that require more synthesis and evaluation from the students, a direct result from the creative process of formulating the “blog.”  In the future, Lindsey is hoping to launch a REAL blog that allows for more student reaction and student comments.

Lindsey Brown

Ray Istas - He presented an iPad App that he created for middle school P.E. class.  The presentation included the jump rope app itself and the steps he took in order to create the app.  He discussed the process of learning Xcode and Adobe Illustrator, submitting the app to Apple, and making the app functional. Currently, Ray’s Jump Rope app is still being developed and is not yet available in the Apple App Store.

Ray Istas

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

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Leah Daneils - AC School Psychologist
AIMS Web - AIMSweb is a data collection tool that we are currently using in the Lower School and may be looking to expand into the higher grades in the future.  This software allows staff to quickly and easily benchmark student performance in the areas of reading, writing and math at three points during the year.  AIMSweb will then analyze and provide data about student, classroom, and grade wide progress, in an effort to guide instruction and intervention.

Amy Bonner - AC Upper and Middle School Art
Amy presented on technology used in her stop motion animation unit for 8th grade. Come see how animation works and how you might be able to use it in your classroom. Free programs and instructional information will be discussed in this presentation.

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